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iTerm2 & vim with Solarized color scheme.

So I ran into some weird issues with background color bleed when using iTerm2 & vim on OSX. So I thought I’d write my solution up since I found a lot of incorrect information out there.

Step 1: Open iTerm2’s preferences:

  • Preferences -> Terminal -> ‘Report Terminal Type’ = xterm-256color

Step 2: Open up your .vimrc and add these lines.

set background=dark
" solarized options 
let g:solarized_termcolors = 256
let g:solarized_visibility = "high"
let g:solarized_contrast = "high"
colorscheme solarized

It’s just that easy!

Easy creation script for Jekyll Posts

Since I have started using Jekyll for blog like sites I was initially frustrated in all of the boilerplate that had to be written in simple post creation. So I wrote a little script to help generate the basic Jekyll boilerplate front-matter.

I feel like this sort of thing really belongs in Jekyll itself since it is all boilerplate for posts, but until then this works. Enjoy.

First Post!

Hello there Internet!

I am finally re-organizing my life online and this blog is a part of that. I've taken some time off and am getting back to work. I am hoping that I will use that time to chronicle my experiences looking for a job in San Francisco and hopefully finding something that I can dedicate my time and energy to that makes me happy. I will probably make a few technical posts as well since I have a few side projects I'll be working on during the mean time. See all of you around!