Cheston Lee


I have spent the last year managing high performing teams on the Hillary for America Presidential Campaign. Teams responsible for bringing in over 9 million donations and 60 million signups through developing and optimizing donation flows, donation related microsites and the ability for users to self-publish customized forms. I helped hire and grow the team to nine engineers and two product managers, divided into three teams with their own product responsibilities and deadlines.


I am interested in using my skills in technical management to work with teams in order to realize their potential.

Where / What / When

Hillary for America / Engineering Manager

Brooklyn, NY 09/2015 - 11/2016

Served as both tech lead and people manager for the campaign Fundraising team. We were responsible for donations and signups, e-commerce, and internal tooling.

  • Grew the Fundraising team from two Engineers to nine in a year.
  • Led the team to take responsibility for over a dozen major project responsibilities on tight campaign driven deadlines.
  • Oversaw key architectural decisions, including the adoption of server rendering and custom frameworks to improve front-end performance.
  • Acted as technical leader to run key planning and prioritiziation with the Product, Finance and Digital Marketing teams.
  • Worked with the team to manage the development planning process, establishment of technical guidelines and release processes to meet deadlines, maintain code quality and ensure product reliability.
  • Conducted performance reviews for direct reports to give actionable feedback and title adjustments.

Optimizely / Senior UI Engineer

San Francsico, CA, 05/2014 - 09/2015

Worked on the Predictive Analytics and Web Platform teams to develop interactive data visualizations for Optimizely's Personalization product.

  • Developed working prototypes to visualize results from customer A/B tests and personalized experiences that cut across large data sets to help customers get actionable results.
  • Wrote componentized and tested interactive dashboards using VueJS & NuclearJS, to manage experiments and personalized experiences.
  • Led the effort to benchmark and track front-end performance across the product suite, which included integrating new tooling and negotiating with vendors.
  • Built a Javascript (ES6) component library as part of Optimizely's living style library to provide out of the box interactive components for use across products. / Sorcerer (Software Engineer)

Mountain View, CA, 08/2010 - 04/2014

I began with a front-end role and moved across the technical stack, implementing everything from infrastructure to product and API features.

  • Wrote user-facing documentation, gave bi-weekly lectures, and filled in gaps in the internal API before release.
  • Developed and tested a Node.js proxy that performed server-side rendering of our rich client application using PhantomJS.
  • Designed and completely rewrote our mobile photo gallery experience using jQuery Mobile.
  • Led a team to integrate third-party tools into the site, which required data sharing and a major front-end refactor. / Software Engineer

San Mateo, CA, 04/2008 - 05/2010

I developed features for the core product -- a marketing autiomation tool, as well as the architecture for our custom PHP framework.

  • Designed and developed a MVC page development framework using PHP, ExtJS, XML, and JSON.
  • Played a pivotal role in designing a web security test plan and creating a set of secure programming guidelines.
  • Served as Scrum Master, where I worked to worked to tailor Agile/Lean methodologies to the needs of our team.

C-Print / Software Developer

Rochester, NY, 06/2004 - 12/2006

As a college intern, I developed a client/server application in Java to assist deaf & hard of hearing students with classroom interactions.

  • Oversaw design, development, and testing of a major release on a team of four developers.


HackFortress / Shmoocon & DEFCON

HackFortress is a competition that combines gaming and computer security. It's a tournament style event with two teams consisting of gamers playing TeamFortress 2 and hackers solving security challenges across a variety of fields, including forensics, networking, encryption and web security.

  • Led the development of web security challenges involving client/server vulnerabilities in a variety of platfroms such as Ruby, Node.js and PHP.
  • Built a reusable style & component library for use in web application puzzles.


Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester, NY 2008

Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with concentrations in Computer Science and a minor in Political Science.

  • Executive Board Member of Computer Science House.
  • Member of the Dean's List.


  • HTML5, CSS/SASS, Markdown
  • Javascript (ES6), PHP
  • React, VueJS, NuclearJS, Node.js
  • Mocha, Webdriver/Selenium
  • AWS Lambda, PhantomJS, TravisCI, git, vim
  • MySQL, MongoDB